About Us

Domain Painting is a small business local to the Northcote area and service all Melbourne locations. We consider ourselves to be friendly, trust worthy, reliable and the service we provide to be of high standards.


We are qualified and experienced in domestic and commercial interior and exterior painting and decorating services. Our quotations will include all the necessary preparation and safety precautions required before, and during painting. This includes using standard practices when working with lead paints and identifying any asbestos. We will leave your site clean and hold public liability insurance which guarantees your property is in safe hands.


We are proud to say that we are committed to commencing work on a job when we say we will and endeavor to complete the work on schedule.  If you need to contact us any time after our services have been competed we are always contactable.


Contact us to arrange a free quotation at your convenience, where we will provide you with a quote from a discussion of the scope of work, an inspection of the job, or from your building plans.


John Dolby is the owner of Domain Painting and has run the business for the last 20 years. 

Quality Work

We strive to complete our work using the correct preparation techniques and knowledge for a long lasting finish, using the most current standards and practices.

Our Aims

To provide a superior decorative and aesthetic finish using quality paint systems and premium materials while offering pricing that is competitive and reasonable, without compromising on quality.

 To provide a service that is completed by experienced tradespeople in a safe and responsible way to guarantee paintwork will look and perform as expected with priority to environmentally friendly practices.

Professional Benefits

Painting is the final and finishing touch to a renovation, refurbishment or refreshment and can make or break the look of the finished project. Using a professional painter will ensure the correct preparation is completed and will achieve maximum long-term benefits to any job. A professional service will enhance the look and feel and add to your enjoyment of the end product.